All About Hardwood Floor Refinishing

All About Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If you are thinking about employing the services of a hardwood floor refinishing company, there are several things you must know first.

In today’s post, let’s talk about the hardwood floor refinishing process. We hope the information you find today will help you be prepared before you hire a hardwood floor refinishing contractor.

Know the Refinishing Process

You don’t have extensive knowledge of the refinishing process – that’s what you are hiring the experts for. However, what you need to have a good understanding of is properly evaluating refinishing contractors.

Know what needs to be done before, during, and after refinishing the job. This way, you’ll know how to assess if you’ve received quality service accurately. Try to learn to discern what a properly refinished floor looks like.

Know what makes a poor or mediocre job. Visit showrooms if you can. Read relevant information online. There should be plenty of resources on the internet – all you have to do is start searching.

Do Research on Local Flooring Companies

Don’t just go for the first contractor you see at the top of your online search results. Plan to reach out to at least three or five contractors. The number is up to you. Ask for an estimate. Many flooring companies offer complimentary in-house consultation.

There are many flooring issues that can be fixed with hardwood floor refinishing.

Also, it’s essential to keep in mind that the cost is not the best gauge for any contractor’s quality of work. Read customer feedback. Ask the company for references.

If you can, take the time to reach out to previous and current clients. This will give you a feel of what the company is all about when it comes to customer service and professionalism.

Make sure that the flooring contractor you hire is licensed and insured. Once you are presented with the work contract, please read it thoroughly and make sure that every important detail that you’ve agreed upon is clearly reiterated in the written agreement.

When you hire a professional company, they’ll ensure proper planning and communication. This makes the process more accessible not just to you, the client, but also to them. It will help prevent any unforeseen incidents. If there are any, they should be able to know how to address them properly.

Ask your contractor for any unexpected costs that may arise during the project. It also helps to know what you need to do to prepare the space properly. For instance, do you need to take down any window treatments? Will you need to clear the space out of all furniture completely? Is that included in their service?

Remember that the more work the contractor does, the higher the rates will be. Make sure all these points are clearly laid out in the contract before starting the job.

Typically, the contractor will take out all doors in the space. This includes removing base molding and floor vents, covering electrical outlets and ceiling fans, and completely sealing the room with plastic sheeting.

Consider Staying Elsewhere If You Have an Extensive Refinishing Job

If you have a big refinishing project and you want it finished quickly, consider staying out of the house so the contractors can work on finishing it as fast as possible.

The more extensive the refinishing project is, the finer the dust and more chemical odors there will be, even if the space is sealed off. Too much fine dust is harmful when inhaled.

Hardwood floor refinishing done by professionals meet standards.

A typical refinishing project can take up to five days.

However, the specific time of completion will depend on how big the room is and the extent of the damage that needs to be spruced up and refinished.

More Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips

  • Remember to save the floor project for last if you have other home remodeling or construction going on.
  • Buy rugs to make sure you are not scratching the wood floorings. Don’t buy rugs with rubberized bottoms.
  • Trim your pet’s nails.

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