Brand Spotlight: AO Smith

Brand Spotlight: AO Smith

When it comes to water heaters, the AO Smith Water Heater line is an institution. This company has revolutionized the way modern water heaters operate. Also, the company also has expanded to lead in gas, tankless, electric, and solar water heater innovations.

Over the years, AO Smith has released numerous top-quality products. In today’s post, we’ll give you an overview of their most popular product lines and compare between the best from each edge of their water heater.

Company Overview

The name AO Smith has become synonymous to water heaters. It was founded in 1874 by Charles Jeremiah Smith as a hardware shop. He included his three sons in the business, made some expansions, and quickly became known as a manufacturer for metal parts for baby carriages.

Arthur Oliver Smith, the third son, then created a light steel car frame that made significant car companies such as Cadillac and Ford take notice. His creations led to the debut of Mechanical Marvel, the primary frame production line created in 1921.

During the 1930’s, AO Smith engineers developed a procedure for incorporating glass linings to water heaters used in residential spaces. Many developed advances in water heater setups then followed, and the company grew to expand their market in Canada, China, and Europe.

The automotive and electric motor branches were later sold and replaced with partnerships with the big water heater and treatment companies. These mergers made AO Smith an institution in the two industries. And they didn’t have to completely throw away the innovation and integrity that founded their company more than a century ago.

Type of AO Smith Heaters

Gas and Propane Water Heaters

There are several gas and propane AO Smith water heaters to choose from. The company separates their gas and propane heaters into three tiers. The third tier, which is called ProLine XE, has more product lines than the other tiers, which only have one line each.


AO Smith’s gas heaters are a result of their quality and efficiency maximization. Their gas and propane heaters have either low or ultralow NOx emissions which makes the products Energy Star certified. There are also four venting options available for you to choose from.

Electric Water Heaters

Similar to the gas and propane models, their electric water heaters come in three tiers, and the ProLine XE tier separated into two lines.


The company’s electric water heaters are made of environment-friendly components and materials. They are capable of drawing power from electrical outlets, which allows their smaller models to fit into tight spaces.

Tankless Water Heaters

Many of AO Smith’s tankless water heaters are ready for gas and propane usage. As with all of the line’s gas and propane models, the tankless ones are also in low and ultra-low NOx emissions, making them safe for the environment.


The tankless models fit into much tighter spaces. They can also provide hot water instantaneously. Many of the AO Smith tankless systems have remote control capability, while most of the newer models feature digital displays.

Solar Water Heaters

An AO Smith water heater list would not be complete without including their Cirrex solar system. This line is extremely efficient and is fantastic for the environment. It comes with OG-300 certification, which means that the line is eligible for rebates in some states and federal tax breaks. When you own this system, your heating costs may be reduced by as much as 70 percent, which is good news for those of us on tighter budgets.

Residential and Commercial Use

The type of water heater you should pick will depend on the size of your residential or commercial spaces. Additionally, affordability, energy efficiency, and performance should be significantly considered. You also need to determine the energy source or fuel type you need to use for your water heater, including the availability and cost of it. In a future post, we will delve deeper into the factors you need to look at when it comes to choosing an AO Smith water heater line for your home or business.

Where to Purchase AO Smith Water Heaters

You can purchase AO Smith water heaters through licensed plumbing vendors across the country. Make sure to get a professional to conduct your water heater installation to guarantee a quick and safe process.