Flush That Frustration Away

Flush That Frustration Away

Essential Plumbing Repair DIY Skills For Handling Common ProblemsFlush That Frustration Away With Plumbing

You are relaxing on your favorite couch watching a movie at night, and suddenly you see some water slowly flowing across your living room floor. This only alludes to one thing; a plumbing problem. While it is advisable to call an emergency plumbing repair service in the event of such accidents, it is not always necessary. As a family person, it is good to have some basic DIY plumbing skills and repair some common plumbing problems. Some of these issues might seem to be serious, but if you investigate properly, you will find out that they only require a few tools and some basic knowledge. Here are some emergency plumbing repair tips worth checking out before thinking about calling the emergency plumbing repair service.

Be Prepared.

Do not be misled by the fact that your plumbing system was done perfectly and expect it to be problem free for many years. Plumbing systems are always vulnerable to problems, and you should be prepared at any time. Damages from these accidents can ruin walls, furniture, and electronics and many other things. Do not wait for the problems to strike and try to anticipate any water leaks under the sinks and on the roofs. Try to understand the way your plumbing system works and have a clear idea of how to switch off the main valve. To conduct basic repairs, you need to have some basic plumbing tools which include a pipe wrench, basin wrench, channel lock pliers, auger, set of screwdrivers, nut driver, plunger and drain cleaning tool.


Clogs are some of the most common plumbing problems you will come across. They are minor but still annoying. Clogs should be taken care of when they start as waiting for them to grow might lead to serious problems. The first thing to do when you notice a clog is to use a plunger. Plungers are simple to use and can help to remove clogs caused by food particles in the kitchen sink. They can be used to unclog the bathroom clogs caused by soap particles, but there is a chance that they might push the clog down the pipe making it more difficult to remove. If you can’t solve the problem using a plunger, try using the new drain cleaning tools such as the Zip It. This device is a long-barbed wire that is inserted all the way into the drain and then pulled backwards. If this does not work as well, remove the trap below the sink and remove the clog.

Pipe Repairs.

Pipe bursts can be caused by aging pipes or even freezing of water during winter. This plumbing problem is messy but still fixable. Find out the reason and exact location of the pipe burst. Some pipe bursts are in the form of holes, and they are relatively simple to repair. A hole can be simply fixed by wrapping duct around the pipe while a hairline crack can be corrected using a pipe clamp. For leaked pipe joints, make use of putty to seal the holes. Keep in mind that you need to turn off the water before making any pipe repairs. For larger holes, you will need the patch repair kit. Ensure you clean that section of the pipe using sandpaper before repairing it and make sure you wrap the patch for about five inches in both directions away from the crack. For large cracks, consider calling a professional plumbing repair service as the affected section will have to be repaired.

Leaky Toilets.

If your toilet is leaking at the base, check if it may have moved a bit. This shifting of the toilet seat cracks the wax used to seal this place, and this allows some water to leak through. To fix this problem, sit on the toilet and readjust it back to the original position. You may be required to wax it again if it still leaks after adjusting it. Waxing the toilet is a lengthy process that involves removal of water from the bowl and detaching the bowl from the floor before applying the wax and then attaching it again. If you are not prepared to wax it on your own, call the professionals.

Plumbing problems come in different forms, and all of them alongside their possible solutions cannot be covered in this piece. However, the mentioned ones are some of the most common ones, and you will be better prepared to handle them when they come along without even calling a professional plumbing repair service.


5 Times You Should You Call Professional Plumbers To Your Home

Professional PlumbersJumping into a considerable plumbing project without the knowledge in how to go about it could result in extensive property damage, personal injury as well as thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs. Many people often try to perform a plumbing repair just to save money on the repair costs. While you could be a seasoned DIY individual, some plumbing problems will need the intervention of an expert. And for people who have never tried DIY plumbing repair, a slight leak could cause serious panic. If you experience any of the problems below, it is definitely time for you to call seasoned plumbers to your home.

Low Water Pressure

It is difficult to identify the main cause of dribbling showers and sinks, especially if you have never experienced a similar problem before. Poor pipe design, municipal supply issues as well as pipe obstructions could all have a hand in your low-pressure fixtures. A plumbing expert will be in a position to identify the cause of low water pressure and give a solution to it. Trying to be a DIY expert with a low-pressure problem could damage your drainage and sewer lines, and even result in consistent low water pressure.

Lack of Hot Water

Do you want to enjoy a hot shower but cannot because there is no hot water in your home? Well, you definitely have a huge problem, and it is time to bring in the plumbers. The absence of hot water often implies that you have a failed water heater. So, why should you call a plumber when your water heater does not work? Well, the truth is that water heater problems arise from various issues, ranging from minor component defects to total breakdowns. Whatever could be causing failure of your water heater, the best idea is to hire a plumbing expert or technician to troubleshoot the problem. Most water heaters operate using gas and electrical systems and any mistakes while trying to work with these devices could result in damage to your house as well as personal injury.

Pipe Blockage

Some of the most common telltale indicators of blocked sewer lines include severe and regular backups. More often than not, the clogs are usually caused by sediment buildup, tree roots or non-flushable items getting stuck in your sewer lines. Trying to clear the blockage yourself through rodding machines and unblocking chemicals could result in extra damage, and it could cost you several thousands to repair.

A professional plumber, on the other hand, has the skill and experience needed to identify the source of your problem as well as come up with a safe solution. This is particularly essential in the case of damaged or broken sewer lines. Trying some DIY repair work on a broken sewer line could expose your home to raw sewage, and you could incur several thousands in damage to the sewer lines serving your neighborhood.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes often occur during the winter season when the frozen water inside the pipes expands, causing the pipes to rapture. Broken and cracked pipes could result in significant flooding and incur several thousand dollars in water damage. Moreover, the affected pipes could be very difficult to locate since a burst pipe could be behind your house walls, below your foundation or in your yard. Experienced plumbers can quickly pinpoint the source of your water leak and start the water abatement process almost instantly. Trying to locate the source of the leak, even after all mains have been turned off could give the water more time to infiltrate vulnerable sections of your home. Professional plumbing experts will also be in a position to recommend repairs in instances where there is a damaged foundation or flooring.

Major Installations

Installing major fixtures and appliances will call for the expertise of plumbers. Trying to undertake a plumbing project without the right knowledge and experience could result in costly repairs and even re-installations. It is particularly crucial to enlist the services of a plumber during renovations and remodels. Most large overhauls commonly include updated room layouts, and this could mean moving fixtures and appliances in kitchens and bathrooms. Relocating dishwashers and sinks requires the movement of all supply lines and drains. Trying to perform these updates on your own could result in ruined renovation as well as expensive repairs.


Water Heater Repair Tips

Water heaters are amongst the most important systems of any home considering that we all need running hot water no matter the season or outside temperature. Sadly, many people take water heaters for granted. Considering that these systems work 365-days a year, it goes without saying that they undergo a lot of stress. It is, therefore, expected that a water heater, will at some point, malfunction or break down. When that happens, seeking water heater repair services is advisable for continued hot water supply.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

When your water heater isn’t performing as it should or is not working at all, it is time to call a specialist. But what are some of the signs that your water heater requires repair? Here are some tell-tale signs to look out for.

A Decrease in Hot Water Volume

If water from your shower and taps suddenly becomes lukewarm, despite having cranked up the heater, it could be a sign that your water heater is not working as it should and is probably losing its heating power. This should tell you that it either requires repair or replacement.

Rumbling Sounds

If you notice any rumbling sounds from your water tank, it’s probably time to call a water heater repair specialist. These sounds could be a sign that the dip tube is broken, or there’s a lot of pressure within the tank, or there’s sediment along the tank’s bottom, or the expansion tank is broken. Signs that will require someone with the expertise to look into.


Water heating systems are designed to be virtually corrosion-resistant – as long as they receive maintenance regularly. If you see any signs of corrosion on your water heater, it could help to have the corroded part replaced. At the same time, it is important that you have it checked to know the cause of corrosion. However, corrosion is one of the main signs that it is time to replace the heater.

Other signs that your water heater needs repair include:

  • Water discoloration
  • Water Leaks
  • Water gets too hot
  • Your water has an off or bad smell
  • The drain valve can no longer drain water

Hiring A Water Heater Repair Specialist

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is advisable that you do not try to resolve the issue on your own. The best thing to do would be to call in a specialist to check your system as soon as possible.

However, with so many service providers in the market, finding and hiring the right people for the job can be a bit tricky. To help ease things for you, here is a look at some of the factors to consider when looking for a water heater repair specialist.


When having a water heater problem, the most important thing is that it gets resolved as soon as possible. For the quality, lasting and professional solutions, it is advisable that you hire an experienced water heater repair specialist. The more experience the heater specialist has, the better suited for the job he is.

Take the time to consider the amount of time the company has been in the business. A company that’s served for more than several years will definitely have a proven track record of offering quality solutions.


If the water heater specialist you are considering has a proven track record and years of experience, he or she should not have a problem providing you a list of reliable references. If the so-called professional will not or cannot provide you some references, look elsewhere. Through referrals, you get to know what past customers have to say about the provider’s services – allowing you to gauge his or her work.

Cost of Service

Though heater repair services are a top priority in time of need, it’s still important that you take the time to consider the cost of having the repairs done. Therefore, before hiring anyone, it is advisable that you take the time to request service estimates from the top two service providers you are considering for comparison purposes. Through estimates, you can identify a heater repair specialist that’s not only dependable but also affordable.

However, it is crucial that you do not let specialists quote a price without first taking a look at the repair since such estimates tend to be inaccurate. Also, find out if the estimate the water heater repair specialist gives you includes the cost of materials, labor, and other things.