Mending and Securing Your Damaged Prized Possessions

Mending and Securing Your Damaged Prized Possessions

A fire in your house is one of the most traumatizing experiences that a family can suffer. Aside from the loss and damage of personal property, it can also have a distinct effect on a persons feeling of safety in the home. On the other side of things, a fire at a business can quickly bring a company’s operations to a halt affecting not only the business itself but also its clients. Fire Restoration

Based on the latest figures from the National Fire Protection Association, a structure fire is reported every 65 minutes. After an alarm has sounded, emergency first responders and fire departments answer the call for assistance with quick and decisive action. After the smoke clears, Fire Restoration services can help with the prompt response — 24-hours daily, 365 days annually.

The first 24- to 48- hours after fire damage are known as the “golden hours” of recovery. An effective emergency response that quickly stabilises the centre ensures that the restoration of as much property as possible. The contaminated soot and smoke damage that often occurs when fires are put out, accelerate the corrosion and corrosion of construction elements and vital assets.

Unfortunately, things are made worse as fires are often extinguished with dry water or chemicals. Moreover, the noxious smoke odour left behind needs to be neutralised and deodorised.

The whole process of fire damage restoration involves smoke damage repair as well as water damage repair. It is essential that fire damage restoration is started as quick as possible after the damage first occurs. In addition to the visible damage and any possible structural damage, contents of the property also need to be assessed for repair or replacement.

They base the assessment of several different factors which include:

Replacement Price

Restoration Price

Effect of Smoke and Heat

Loss of Use

Loss of Value

Reduced Life Expectancy

Sentimental Value

Fire restoration services may include emergency board-up, demolition, soot removal image program, thermal deodorisation to mitigate smoke damage and overall reconstruction.

Many fire restoration companies also work closely with local fire departments and are often called in to help with fire damage attempts shortly after the fire is extinguished.

Support services include:

Emergency boarding up and full site containment services: The whole property/premises and will be secured and brought to a state where it keeps the scene from new smoke and fire damage

A fire damage restoration contractor will also help fire damage restoration services safely secure proof, debris manipulation, storage and transportation.

They will also provide all the nessesary heavy equipment and cranes which can be used to clear pathways and also help clear damaged property from the scene.

Shoring and moving of materials to help secure safe entry of fire department and accredited employees from the fire damage restoration process.

Provide lighting, dumpsters, emergency power, etc.

Application of board-up decals if desired to reduce visual eyesore of burnt structures.

Some matters — like a fast-moving wildfire — are just beyond anyone’s control.

Annually, wildfires cause catastrophic and extensive loss of property owners, businesses and other resources. According to the statistics, there were over 63,000 wildfires reported nationwide last year and nearly two million constructions were destroyed by fires.

When you take on a fire restoration service they will be there to help you around the clock and at any time of year. Their quick response teams will be on the scene quickly to help with damage limitation and the start of the recovery process.

You will usually find that the majority of fire restoration services have good working relationships with emergency service personel, as well as insurance companies. This means that as soon as the smoke clears they can be on the scene and helping you with the whole recovery process.