Cha Cha The Night Away

How to Throw an Amazing and Memorable Bachelorette Party

If you have been placed in charge of throwing a bachelorette party, you will want to it be amazing and memorable for all the right reasons. Many people do not realize that as much time and effort needs to go into the bachelorette party as the bachelor party. There are some points you need to consider when planning the party to ensure that it is a hit with the bride and all the guests.

Choose a Creative Theme

Looking online for a theme for the party is one way to go, but you should try a bit harder. Consider what the bride will actually enjoy and match the party theme to her personality. If she is going through a phase with her clothing you should try including this in the theme. Creating a theme that is typical or overused will result in a boring party that no-one will remember.

Incorporate The Brides Interests

If you have been put in charge of the party, you are probably very close to the bride and know what interests her. You need to incorporate these interests into the party to ensure that the bride enjoys the party. If she is not a big party person, then you need to avoid those situations and look at something a bit more relaxed.

A bachelorette party does not have to be a night out on the town with the girls. If the bride has an interest in wine, you should consider organizing a relaxing weekend retreat to a wine farm where wine tastings can be done. The party does not have to be a single night and making a weekend out of it could calm the bride more for the wedding and give everyone invited a chance to relax.

Get The Guest List From The Bride

The bachelorette party is all about the bride and you do not want to invite someone that she does not want there. It is recommended that you get a guest list from the bride before you invite anyone. The guest list needs to be filled with people that the bride is comfortable partying with.

The number of guests should also be limited to the list that the bride provides. Too many people at the party could make it uncomfortable for everyone, but too few could make it feel like a let-down. You should try getting as many people as possible from the list the bride provides to the party.

Always Book Early

Wedding dates are booked far in advance so there is no reason why you cannot book everything for the party in advance as well. If you are going to be traveling for the party, you need to book tickets and accommodation as soon as possible to avoid missing out. Most weddings happen during peak wedding season which means that there are going to be a lot of bachelorette parties happening at the same time.

Another advantage of booking the party early is the reduction of costs. The bridesmaids are generally responsible for covering the costs of the party and you do not want it to be too much. Booking early generally means lower rates for items like travel tickets and you can often get a discount for groups for accommodation if you book in advance.

Have a Detailed Itinerary

Having a detailed itinerary that you distribute to everyone is important. This ensures that everyone knows where they should be and when they need to arrive. This is particularly important if you are going to be having the party out of town or over a weekend. When creating the itinerary, you should consider dress codes as well to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Of course, you should not be too rigid with the itinerary. If the bride is a free spirit, she might not want to be tied down to the itinerary and you need to consider this. It is best to have some flexibility with your plans unless you know that everything will go as you plan.

Planning and executing an amazing bachelorette party is not as hard as many people assume. You need to consider what the bride wants and who she wants there. Booking in advance also helps everything move smoothly.


Reasons To Consider Taking a Dance Class For Adults

Get Down With The LadiesMany people do not consider dance to be as important of a skill to have as it had once been, but there really still is great value in being able to dance to different types of music. Taking a dance class for adults can help you to meet new people, feel comfortable dancing at weddings and even lead to finding romance in someone that loves to move their body to the music. There really are a number of benefits to enrolling in these classes no matter how much you might believe you just can’t dance.

Taking a class can seem intimidating at first, but the first thing to remember is that if you are taking a beginner’s class you will be starting at the same place as everyone else. You should also take into consideration that the instruction likely has many years of experience helping people that believe that they can’t dance learn how to move to the rhythm of the music. Even the most uncoordinated people find that they can learn as long as they are willing to try.

When choosing a dance class for adults you should consider what what would of the most value to you as well as what your interests are and what you intend to do with your new skills. For example, if you are choosing to take these classes for the exercise that you can get then you would want to pick a form of dance that has a fast beat and utilizes a wide range of muscle groups. If you are looking to be able to dance to slow music at formal events you may want to look into classes that focus on classic dance moves that can be applied to a wide variety of music. The key is knowing what you hope to achieve from the classes that you will be investing your time and energy into.

There are many people that take a dance class for adults simply to meet others that enjoy dancing as much as they do. It is not uncommon for people to meet people that become great friends or even their next love interest in this setting. It is a place that an interest is shared, which is a great foundation for any type of relationship, whether it be platonic or more than that. If you have felt that you need more people in your life this is a great way to make that happen.

If you are not aware of what kinds of classes are held in your area, or even if they are, then you simply need to do a search online that includes your city and the key words “dance class”. Almost every city has a location that specializes in this service, but most have a number of them. From there you can take the time to see what styles of dance they teach and whether or not the times that they offer fit into your schedule.

You can expect the classes to be held at least once per week, but sometimes they are held a couple times each week to make sure that the students retain what they learn in each class. They are also typically held in the evening hours so that a larger number of people are able to attend. Essentially, this means that if you are considering doing this you should be willing to dedicate yourself to attending each class. In most cases the instructor will expect payment for the entire group of sessions which encourages attendance and makes the effort worthwhile for them as well. The added bonus is that a limited number of people are allowed to sign up so that the instructor has the time necessary to help those that may be struggling in one way or another, giving you the opportunity for some direct instruction.

Taking a dance class, especially if you never have before, can be somewhat intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on the mindset that you have going in. Take the time to remind yourself that everyone has to start somewhere and even the most skilled of people started knowing nothing at all.


Learning More About Dance Franchise Opportunities

Have you ever dreamed of owning and operating your own dance studio? Getting a studio off the ground can be a lot of work. However, if you invest in a franchise, you’ll be able to mitigate the amount of work that you have to do. You should definitely start looking at dance franchise opportunities.

What Kinds of Opportunities Are Out There?

If you’re not familiar with major dance franchises, you might not know what kind of opportunities are available to you. If you take a look at some of the top dance franchises, you’ll probably be pleased. The most successful franchises offer things that people really want.

One of the most popular dance franchises is Kinderdance. This is an educational dance program that’s specifically aimed at children. While children that participate in Kinderdance have the chance to learn dance skills, they can also learn things like gymnastics and music. The Kinderdance name is well-known. There are a lot of parents that specifically seek out this franchise when they want to enroll their child in dance lessons.

Daycare facilities that offer dance classes are also extremely popular. If you were to open a Lightbridge Academy franchise, you’d be able to provide children with care and teach them more about dance. That is something that parents could really appreciate.

With that said, you don’t have to limit yourself to teaching dance to small children. There are also dance franchises that will allow you to educate an older audience. There are dance franchises for ballet, hip-hop, and every other dance discipline. You should be able to find an existing franchise that aligns with the kind of studio that you want to open.

Finding The Right Franchise Opportunity

You should think long and hard about the kind of dance studio you want to open. Are you looking for a recreation franchise? Do you want to open a classic dance studio? You should specifically seek out dance franchise opportunities that match what you’re looking for.

You don’t need to rush through any of this. Since opening a franchise is so much easier than opening a new business, you can take your time and research all of your options. If you learn more, you’ll be able to figure out the best approach to take.

How Much Will It Cost To Open a Franchise?

When you open a new franchise, you’ll already have a business plan in place. You won’t have to scout for locations or calculate your initial expenses. Everything will be taken care of for you.

However, you are going to have to make the initial investment. How much can you expect to spend? Ultimately, that depends on the franchise that you choose.

Some franchises, like Kinderdance, offer a few different investment options. Their lowest franchise tier, Bronze, requires an investment of $15,000. Their highest tier, Gold Plus, costs about $40,000.

When you look at various franchises, you should be able to find plenty of information about the costs. Once you know what you’ll have to pay, you can decide whether or not you are ready to open a new franchise.

Opening International Franchises

Some franchises only exist domestically. However, there are dance studio franchises that can be opened in locations all around the world. Kinderdance has international franchises available at all of its levels. There are other dance franchises that offer international opportunities as well.

When you open a franchise in a new country, you may not have the kind of name recognition that you would have in other countries. However, you’ll be able to offer something that people can’t find just anywhere. International franchises can be extremely successful.

How Long Will It Take To Earn?

Because dance franchises will already have a business plan behind them, it shouldn’t take you too long to start earning money. When you start up your franchise, you should be able to see how much you can expect to earn each month. In many cases, you’ll be turning a profit within months.

There are plenty of dance franchise opportunities out there. Start exploring these opportunities. See if it would be possible for you to open up a franchise dance studio in your area. Opening a dance studio can be a lot of work, but franchising makes the process simpler.